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In an age where everything merges into a point, where the uncertainty and disconcertion are made present, history apparently reaches the top.  The end of art and philosophy describe its death.  

For me, as a creator, it is necessary to reinvent, to find the principal ingredient of the roots where it describes the actual condition of human affairs and the current facts.  There, in the esoteric, where it superimposes and merges two different dimensions, there, it defines the conflict of humanity; at the merging point of the spirit and the form, "Two roads one reality."

Sosa Neo-Nabi

As stated in Eurika Report in 1988, being a Neo-Nabi artist is a calling, it’s a vocation, it’s not a job. It’s a spiritual quest for Truth and for this reason it differs from other art movements but has much in common with the Nabism that began in 1888 in France.

The word ‘Nabi’ comes from the Hebrew word ‘navi,’ for prophet, visionary or seer and this connection with the Old Testament visionaries is the very heart and soul of Neo-Nabism. There were only two kinds of navis in the Old Testament: either a man or woman was simply called a prophet, which meant he or she was a true prophet or he or she was labeled a ‘false prophet.' True prophets—true navis—spoke the Truth.

As Keats put it: “‘Beauty is truth, truth beauty’—that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.”

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