About Artist

William Sosa

A neo-nabi artist, fine art master painter, sculptor, graphic designer and master printer.  He works in both the United States and Havana Cuba art studios.


The use of apocalyptic symbolic language in semi-abstract mystical Neo-Nabi images is apparent in my art; exploring some theological concepts and curious harmonies in the field of science and contemporary social structures in a revealing prophetic vision.

Prophetic truthfulness is the fundamental basis of Neo-Nabism. My work exposes the connections of the world’s current social-political events with the religious views of prophesies, also the influence and correlation in the daily life of the individual according to the science and wisdom of the ancient sacred books.

The source of my work and the pertinent investigations, has led me to understand the inevitable accomplishments of prophetic events and of a true fundamental principle of the existence. 

The Idea, luminous Energy in action. Source of ethereal light that transcends time and stretches space, like the artist’s canvas to describe a history in the mind and life of the being.

True Art, Science, and True Religion, far from being distant or separated emerge from a commonly revealing source, the absolute light which is present in all sorts of elements, this light is wisdom and love contained in itself in perfect unitary supremacy.

Each brush stroke contains a certain quantity of organic and inorganic energy, The Idea which is at the same time abstract luminous energy stays trapped through the pigment and texture in the artwork, containing little small particles of living light and the sensational annotations of those mystic paths of the visionary.